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Think of your ideal clients. The people in your niche. Your target market. Now think of all the people who fit into that group. There are likely a lot of them.


But here’s the bad news: 97% of your ideal clients are NOT looking for your product, program or service right now.

Currently only 3% of your ideal clients are actively looking for your solution right now. This group is googling it at 3 am. They are super, actively looking for a solution to their problems and everyone is marketing to and fighting over this 3%.


It’s not that marketing to this group doesn’t work, It does. It reaches out and works on that 3% of the clients that are looking for what you have right now. But this message is ignored by everyone else. This means your marketing might be being totally ignored by 97% of your target market.


The next 7% of your target market are open to your product, program or service. They’ve heard about the kind of thing you do. They’re genuinely curious about it.


The next 30% are aware for future. They know they need you or someone like you – but it’s sometime down the road. They tell themselves, “I’ll need a new car when we have kids.” But that time hasn’t come yet. Or they think, “When this crunch time at work is over I’m going to get back into yoga.” Or, “When I stop traveling I’m going to think about buying a house.”


30% are totally unconscious. When you meet them it’s clear that they have a problem you can help them solve – but they have NO awareness they need it.


And, 30% are just a ‘NO!’. They’re just closed to it. Maybe it’s because they live too far away, they’ll never be able to afford it or they’ve already hired someone else.


So that means 67% of these people could be your future clients but are not really being marketed to. They’re being ignored by everyone.


The way you market to the 67% who are open, aware or unconscious is very, very different than the way you market to people who are ready to buy. It’s a bit of a slower turn around. More trust building.


We can help you make a plan to build awareness and trust to reach the 67%.


The Bottom Line: your marketing must start building a relationship with people well before they’re at a place where they are ready or wanting to buy (from you or anybody). If you can begin the process building trust now – when the time comes for them to spend their time and money with someone, you have a decisive advantage.


At Connexecute we work with businesses and salespeople in Marketing and Business Development. We help to define your business and marketing plans and then automate your lead generation to increase sales.

Connexecute is a one stop shop to plan and develop your strategy, create your marketing materials and then automate delivery so you can focus on sales. From our Fix Your Follow Up Failure Workshops to Mastermind Groups to Marketing Strategy Consulting and Creation to Marketing Automation, we have you covered.


At Connexecute we specialize in strategy and marketing that reaches and teaches your potential customers to depend on you for valuable information and see why you are the best choice to work with when they are ready to buy.

If you are ready to have a distinct advantage over all the competition in your industry, schedule a no obligation 30 minute brainstorming session with us.

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“… wonderful at leading you to find what works best for you in your business.”

“As an independent salesperson, I found myself trying to stay focused each and every day. I was spending time here on this task, but prior to completing it, I was off on another task. Alyssa helped me develop a day to day plan from marketing to prospecting. With my plan in place, I am able to work on the tasks at hand and stay focused on my business! Alyssa at Connexecute is wonderful at leading you to find what works best for you in your business. I highly recommend Alyssa and Connexecute!” – Michael Tierney, Edina Realty

Michael Tierney

“Our strategy session was priceless …”

“I have not been this focused and super charged for success since my mom died three years ago. I have been struggling to mend my broken heart ever since – our strategy session was priceless and I have gotten more done this past week than I have in three years! You ladies have “the gift” of focus, inspiration, and confidence, I can now lead with as well.” — Sheila Galligan, Go Big Global

Sheila Galligan

“It was the push I needed to embrace my strengths …”

“I was at a place in my business where I didn’t know what to do next. What I discovered through my think partner session was that I lacked the confidence to embrace who I was. Teri helped me see my value and gave me realistic “next steps” to get me moving forward. It was the push I needed to embrace my strengths and make decisions based on them.” — Carey Scott, Let’s Get Real Ministries

Carey Scott